Best handgun grips

The importance of choosing a proper grip for your handgun cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are a new or professional gun handler, one thing that remains true is that your chances of aiming and accurately shooting largely depends on the grip on your handgun.

This is precisely because handgun grips are considered an extension of your hand and arm since it replaces the figure in pointing at your target object. Some of the notable benefits of handgun grips include effecting;

>your sighting, alternatively referred as your aim,

>your ability to work the hammer so you may pull the

>your ability to work a safety mechanism if your handgun
has one,

>your balance and

>the ability to absorb as much recoil and with as little discomfort as possible, which in effect affect your safety.

Having looked at the specific benefits of the handgun grips, let us now delve further and discuss what to look out for when selecting one;

Go For The 2-Handed Grips For Self Defense:

Experts generally agree that the 2-handed handgun grips are better for self-defense. This is due to the fact that while operating the handgun, it is easier to focus your attention with this kind of grip since both your hands are involved and each plays its own role.

However, as a general rule, always try to ensure that even as you go for the 2-handgun grip, you insist on one that is comfortable in
terms of the feel it has on your arm and fingers.

And even after ensuring comfortable handgun grips , you should learn to shoot your gun one-handed using both your dominant and non-dominant hands. This will enable you to successfully ward off assaults from your attackers in the event you are disabled and forced to operate the handgun using one hand.

Go For The Firm And The Solid:

Another key feature to consider when choosing handgrips is to go for the firm and the solid handgrips for accurate aim and shots. This feature largely works with 2-handed grips and the concept basically is that as you hold on the grip with your dominant hand and take aim, the support hand stabilizes the entire gun and makes your shots more accurate.

Select Based On Alignment:

The alignment of the barrel in relation to the grips is yet another key consideration when choosing handgun grips. In this regard, it is generally believed that the higher the hand holding the grip [considering the flesh of the web of the hand pressed-up snug towards the grip top] and the straighter the barrel alignment in relation to your arm, the higher the shock absorbed by your hand and arm.

In order to visually check whether your handgrips are the best based on alignment, all you have to do is look down over your arm and determine that the arm forms a straight line from the butt of the gun that stretches up to the elbow.

This straight alignment ensures you can better handle recoil since the entire length of your arm then acts as a shock absorber.
Additionally, you will also have full control over the muzzle jump. The muzzle jump is a form of kickback occasioned when the barrel rises quickly on firing. Should this alignment have an imaginary break or bend, then the gun grip may be too large for you.

And When The Grip Is Larger, Learn To Handle It

While it is practically impossible to operate a handgun with smaller grips, there are allowances that can be made to those grips that are larger than you so you have considerable control over your handgun. What you will have to do in this case is to adjust [in figurative terms] the grip by moving the hand forward and around it. This consequently displaces the gun butt from the centre of the area between the thumb and index figure.


When all is said and done, the choice of a perfect handgun grip comes down to you. As a general rule, take your time to try the grip
before fully investing in it.

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